Grand Orchestras

Welcome to my tribute to the Grand Orchestras of Paul Mauriat, Franck Pourcel, Raymond Lefevre, Caravelli, James Last, Kai Warner, Billy Vaughn, The Boston Pops, The Hollyridge Strings, and Waldo de los Rios. Join the Yahoo Mailing List and let me know of other orchestras that you want to see featured here. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Last December I have switched servers so if you notice some info that has not been uploaded yet, please contact me and I will correct it!
By the way, I have not uploaded the Blog yet. I will try to think on another way to spread the news on records and other activities.
Happy New Year!

  • Paul Mauriat   Mauriat Update: November 10, 2013. 3 new Vocalion releases at New CD Releases section. Like: Vols. 1 / 2.
  • Franck Pourcel   Pourcel Update: Jul 20, 2013. Added 4-in-1 Vol.4: Paris, Edith et Pourcel, Concorde and Digital Around the World
  • Raymond Lefevre   Lefevre Update: October 17, 2013. Info on two Japan Tour Programmes: 1978 and 1980.
  • Caravelli   Caravelli Update: October 20, 2013. Added Star Wars and Ma Jeunesse Fout le Camp records.
  • James Last   James Last Update: January 14, 2012. Different versions of albums at the Reference Discography.
  • Kai Warner   Kai Warner Update: July 24, 2010. Launching of the Site.
  • The Boston Pops Orchestra   Boston Pops Update: July 17, 2011. Added information on 2011 Fireworks Spectacular.
  • Billy Vaughn and his orchestra   Billy Vaughn Update: February 27, 2012. Added several albums to the Referential Discography.
  • Hollyridge Strings   Hollyridge Update: August 7, 2010. Launching of the Site.
  • Waldo de los Ríos   De Los Ríos Update: March 10, 2010. Launching of the Site.
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