Visual Discography of Boxset and Collections / Compilations Releases

This is a visual view of Boxsets, Collections and other Compilations in CD and LP format.

A Boxset will contain more than 2 records/CDs. A collection is a series of releases with the same theme but sold separately. And a Compilation contains 1 or 2 records/CDs. These are going to a separte page. Although a Boxset or a Collection is also a Compilation release, I made this classification for easier understanding.

I will add here some (but not all, not even close) of the boxsets containing 3 or more discs. And only where I have information to share. So please, if you happen to have a boxset that does not appear here, you can share it so I can add to this section. But please don't complain that the boxset with name .... is not included in this section or in my website.


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The Best of Paul Mauriat 10CD Paul Mauriat Best 100 5CD boxset World Love Sounds 5CD Japan L'amour des Amis au Japon ULTIMATE PAUL MAURIAT 3CD
The Best of Paul Mauriat 10CD Paul Mauriat Best 100 5CD World Love Sounds 5CD L'Amour des Amis au Japon 4CD+DVD Ultimate Paul Mauriat 3CD



Film Themes Volumes 1 to 3  PAUL MAURIAT - PLATINUM 3CD Paul Mauriat Mood Music
Film Themes
1 to 3 CDs
Platinum CD
Memories 3CD
Paul Mauriat
Mood Music 4CD