Boston Pops Musicians: Oboe and Horn Players

This listings starts with the information provided at Boston Pops official website but I will adding other names from the former tours.

Woodwinds: Oboe

  • Alfred Genovese
  • Frank Charnley
  • James Bulger
  • Keisuke Wakao
  • Laura Ahlbeck
  • Wayne Rapier

Woodwinds: Horns

  • Daniel Katzen
  • Jay Wadenfuhl
  • Jonathan Menkis
  • Kevin Owen
  • Nona Gainsforth
  • Richard Greenfield
  • Richard Mackey
  • Richard Menaul
  • Thomas Haunton

Woodwinds: English Horns

  • Barbara LaFitte
  • Laurence Thorstenberg
  • Valerie Edwards