Book by Justin Locke

Real Men Don't Rehearse by Justin Locke 194 pages.

"Real Men Don't Rehearse" was written by Justin Locke, who spent 18 seasons as a professional freelance double bassist in Boston. He played with the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops, as well as for ballets, operas, and Broadway shows. He is also well known in the symphonic world as the author of "Peter VS. the Wolf" and "The Phantom of the Orchestra," which are internationally acclaimed programs for orchestra family concerts. This is the perfect gift for your favorite music lover!

Language: English.

Release: 2005, paperback.

Publisher: Justin Locke Productions.

- A Pops Tale - Arthur - Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Symphonic Semantics -
- Baptism by Beethoven - Fourth of July - A Bass Viol Thing to Do - Pecking Orders -
- Flying on Instruments - What is a Lunch? - Til Retirement Do Your Part -
- It's a Dirty Job but Someone Has to Do It - Glossary of Musical Terms - Thumb Position -
- And a Once and a Two - Two for the Road - The Esplanade - The Fans Closest to Me -
- If I Practiced, I Could be Really Good - Shot from Guns - The Last of the Ninth - Parts is Parts -
- Name that Tune - Suffering for One's Art - The Black Sea - On the Road Again - Some Flute Player
- Join the Pops, See the World - This Time, with Feeling - The View from the Pit -
- A Long Night at the Opera - A Captive Audience - Look, Kids, Now He's De-Composing -
- Keeping Score - Apotheosis