Live in Japan

FM Fan magazine, 1972 No. 18, 8/28

Billy Vaughn Live in Japan - FM Fan 1972

Billy Vaughn is a Japanophile who has visited Japan six times in the past.

This time, he visited Japan again with his orchestra in May and continued to gain popularity in various places.

The familiar tone of the saxophone section with two tenor saxophones on the front is a unique attraction. In particular, the theme song "Sail A Long Silvery" represents Billy Bourne Sound. It has a taste suitable for.

Of the performances in Japan this time, Victor will release a live album "Billy Bone, in Tokyo 1972" that records the performance at the Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Kaikan on May 28th. t will be a hot topic as the first 2-channel record that applies the technology of CD-4 on 4-channels.