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137603 Columbia Brazil.

Contains some different tracks and order, such as: Sometime Lovin' and L'Homme de La Mancha. C'est À Mayerling and Fuiste Mia Un Verano are also included in the Argentinian release od Eloise.

  1. Zingara
  2. Ma Bonne Etoile
  3. La Maritza
  4. Sometime Lovin' (Gary Shearston)
  5. Eloise
  6. Fuiste Mia Un Verano (Leonardo Favio)
  7. C'est À Mayerling (Francis Lai)
  8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  9. Desormais
  10. L'Homme de La Mancha (Mitch Leigh)
  11. Rain In My Heart
  12. Apollo 13