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26259 Columbia France, CD

  1. Laura
  2. The Green Leaves Of Summer
  3. Temptation
  4. Ebb Tide
  5. Three Coins In The Fountain
  6. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
  7. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  8. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  9. Chattanooga Choo Choo
  10. Over The Rainbow
  11. Blue Moon
  12. Autumn Flower

This album is even more of a mind blowing experience than ONLY YOU and PLAYS JULIO IGLESIAS. Literally, this is a walk into the rainbow colours of what Maestro Caravelli is capable of. With Laura, and Green Leaves of Summer, Caraveli ushers the listener gently into the 1980s with a warm trumpet and flute solos surrounded with synth-bass vibes with the strings coming into consciousness much later.

By the time one reaches Temptation, Caravelli tests the listener with funky rhythms. Indeed, a temptation is opened up to sway and jive with the heavy bass lines that transform the horns' rendition of the main melody into a postmodern operatic melody. Curiously, if you listen to this version of Temptation right after the vocal version of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart or Phil Collins' Against All Odds, there is no culture shock. Dig further into Windmills of Your Mind with its pulsating rhythms and the rock and roll version of Blue Moon with mesmerizing electric guitar and synthesizer piano, you'll make the association with the hits of Sting and Huey Lewis and the News from that decade.

Cleverly, Caravelli lets the listener back gently into string ballad territory with the closing Autumn Flower like a zestful traditional lemonade after several heady concoctions.