Idol Street - Caravelli Meets Matsuda Seiko

Caravelli Meets Matsua Seiko

Raw translation:


'83 Fresh information great bargain!!
A chance to meet your idol!

Great news for Seiko-chan and all her fans!
Caravelli, the world-famous French master of easy listening, is creating an album of Seiko-chan's hits.
By the way, the Caravelli Grand Orchestra with its "waves" is so famous that it is listed as one of the three major orchestras in France.

It all started when Seiko-chan's "Red Sweet Bee" was released in Spain. Caravelli happened to hear about it and fell in love with it, so much so that he ordered records and VCRs from Japan. Then, he became a Seiko-chan fan and asked if he could like to write a song for her. An album containing Seiko-chan's representative songs and songs dedicated to her composed by Caravelli was created, and it was decided to be released simultaneously in Japan and France. Caravelli's fever on Seiko-chan is very high. When she came to Japan for a meeting the other day, she even wrote a bunch of songs to give to her. She has recorded many arrangements for Seiko-chan's songs. Masaaki Omura will be working on the project, and it is scheduled to be released between August and September. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of song it will transform into with Caravelli's top-notch French pop sensibilities! Let's hope that Seiko Matsuda will be introduced to the world.

Translation note: There are, as you can see, several parts to be improved. If anyone can help, please contact me!