Interview to Stu Phillips

Thanks to Mr. Stu Phillips for answering these questions!

1. Who came up with the idea for the Hollyridge Strings? And where the name comes from?
The name was the property of Capitol Records. Before I did the Beatles album, there were a few single records of some movie themes that were released.

2. Any arrangement (or recording) that you are most proud of?
That's hard to answer. I do really like some of the Beach Boys tracks as well as some of the Presley stuff. I can't really answer this question. There are so many that I like.

3. How did you approach the arrangements of the songs?
To do this properly would take an entire chapter of a book. Mainly, when we did the first Beatles album we wanted to make sure that the rhythm section was as close to the original as possible. Then we just substituted the strings, woodwinds and horns where the vocals were. As time went on we started to expand on this formula.

4. Any special memories from those times?
Having three Hollyridge Strings albums on the Top 100 Billboard Chart (with one bubbling under) is a great memory.

5. What do you think of today's music? And who were your musical influences?
These are two distinctly different questions. As for today's music... no comment. As for my influences.... almost all that exists in music influences that I write.

6. Do you think there is a chance for resurgence of orchestral arrangements?
Not as long as the sales remain the cost of the three recording sessions with sales under 5,000 units. It's not a good business investment.

7. Any plans on releasing the whole "Beatles Song Book" recording or others CDs?
Most of the Beatles Song Books have already been released in a three-CD compilation back in the mid 1990s.