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Ogasawara - Tokyo Secret Islands

Scenic Video of natural landscapes from Ogasawara, Tokyo Secret Island, with Franck Pourcel arrangements as background music from his "LISTEN TO THE RADIO" recording.

Tokyo Secret Islands - Ogasawara LD


Release Information:
Music arrangements: Franck Pourcel and his Orchestra.
NTSC Color, CLV Stereo, Digital Audio
© 1992 Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd. - Made in Jaan
COLE-6035, For Rental
Running Time:
  Approx. 37 minutes.


Track Listing:

  • LISTEN TO THE RADIO (J.C. Madonne)
    Beginning of Prologue Vacation / Ogasawara Maru, Futami Port, etc.
  • POPSY (F. Pourcel)
    Marine Sports / Ohmura Beach, Kominato Beach, etc.
  • DREAM WORLD (F. Pourcel)
    To the world of coral reefs / horse mackerel, green humphead parrot, kissjihimeji, etc.
  • LE PETIT BALLET (F. Pourcel)
    Flowers / banyan, lily, Hibiscus tiliaceus, hibiscus, bougainvillea, cycad, etc.
  • ROTOR MOTOR (J. Fiddy)
    Animals / goats, land crabs, lizards, pits, white-eyes, etc.
    Colorful fish / Pyramid butterflyfish, Forcipiger longiroi, Hakuseihagi Tengudai, Emperor Angelfish, Bella, Damselfish, Yellow tang, Kozen
  • WE'LL FIND A WAY (D.Kindler)
    Beach / Kominato Beach, Kopepe Beach, Miyanohama, Nakayama Pass, Anijima, etc.
    Whale watching / humpback whales, dolphins
    3 times into the sea / Tengudai, Grouper, Parrotfish, Migimaki, Yarikatagi, Yuzen Lionfish, petal coral
  • APPLEWINE (N.Candler)
    Excursion to the South Island / Whale Statue, St. George's Church, Ogi Pond, Shark Pond, etc.
  • CHRISTINA (F. Pourcel)
    Epilogue Departure / Ogasawara Maru and others


Ogasawara LD - Back Cover

Franck Pourcel is France's world-class easy listening master. Born in Marseille in 1913.
He began learning the violin at the age of seven, and at the age of eight he got the job of a music hall and cinema exclusive violinist.
For eight years from 1942, he traveled around the world as an accompaniment to the chanson singer Lucienne Boyer, absorbing his extensive musical knowledge.
In '52, when his contract with her ended, he finally started to form his own orchestra.
Then, the long-awaited Franck Pourcel Orchestra was established by gathering top classical musicians from the Paris Conservatory and the Opera House.
Since then, he has released numerous albums with orthodox performances that add the good parts of classical music, centering on the charm of his strings. He has come to Japan several times and has become quite familiar in Japan.
He had an immeasurable influence on young people, such as Paul Muariat, being him a member of his orchestra for a while.
He is still active and always a leader in this genre.

Map of Ogasawara


1000 km south of Tokyo, 28 hours 30 minutes by cruise. Ogasawara, a paradise of everlasting summer, is truly the "farthest resort in the world.". You can enjoy various leisure activities such as whale watching, diving, and swimming. This work is mainly composed of Chichijima, which is the center of Ogasawara and the contact point with the mainland.
In first place, Ogasawara is a general term for more than 30 large and small islands floating in the Pacific Ocean.

It is said that the name comes from the discovery of these islands by Sadayori Ogasawara of Fukashi Shinshu (Matsumoto) in 1593. It was internationally recognized as a Japanese territory in 1897, but in 1945, all the islanders were forcibly evacuated to the mainland due to the intensification of the Pacific War. It was under the rule of the United States from the defeat until 1968. After the return, it will develop mainly in agriculture, fisheries, and tourism.

Especially recently, it has been attracting a lot of attention as a great spot for whale watching.
During the February-May season when whales migrate, many tourists come to this area to see the acrobatic movements of humpback whales, which are also known for singing and touring with luxury cruise ships. (In addition, we will continue to release the environmental video "Whale Fantasy" that collects the charm of this Ogasawara whale. Please enjoy this as well.) Here are some other things to enjoy in Ogasawara.

The opening of the sea in Ogasawara is January 1, the earliest in the world, that is, the sea bathing season all year round. There are many unique beaches such as Kopepe Beach, which is also the spawning ground for sea turtles, and Sakaiura, where red rusted reef boats give off a unique atmosphere. After all, the highlight of Ogasawara is its beautiful underwater scenery. Even among divers, if Okinawa is feminine, the sea of ​​Ogasawara is a popular spot because it is full of masculine charm.

Beautifully developed coral reefs and colorful coral reef fish.
This is the only place in Japan where the visibility is obstructed by a myriad of fish schools.
On the other hand, the islands created by the steep coastline have a variety of landscapes from the land, and you will not get bored. If you take a leisurely walk, the day will pass.
Also, the number of reefs is the best fishing point anywhere on the island. Even beginners can enjoy striped jacks and red trevally. If you get tired of playing for a day, let's enjoy delicious island food. The main ingredients are abundant seafood and tropical fruits. In Japan, we only visit Ogasawara for spawning, from sashimi and steaks of green turtles, to the appearance of spiny lobsters, to tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. It was worth it for 28 hours.

I think it's good to spend a relaxing time in the subtropical Tokyo while enjoying this kind of fun.
And I hope this work will be a small guide.

(Director in charge, Shin Ogasawara)
Cooperation Chikuma Shubansha Co., Ltd.