About this Website and Collaborators

Since I have already finished with the Four Great French Grand Orchestras, I thought move on to German Orchestras.

Started with James Last, which was the obvious choice, but what next? Bert Kaempfert, maybe but there is already a great official page with more content that I could provide, so another fan suggested Kai Warner, which happens to be James Last's brother!

So I began searching for information, starting with a "decent" discography, some bio and then, checking on what else was available. Unfortunately, besides some scattered info on some of his recordings and a Wikipedia entry, there was few else to add, so that's when I thought that this was a good decision. Now, Kai Warner's fans could find information here!

But still, with all my digging thru Google searches among many online second-hand shops and blogs, I still couldn't get a full picture. And that is when I announced in my list that Kai Warner could be the next orchestra to be added to this site and immediately I received lot of information from a great fan: Frank Deckers!

Frank has supplied with lot of covers and track listings and helped me with the checking of the individual pages, so I could correct them before I officially launch this Warner's site.

Needless to say that I owe a great thanks to Frank for all his support and information, THANKS!