Kai Warner's Go-In Series

From "Let's Go In 7" liner notes

This is the seventh LP in the Go-in-Series!

Every new record has added a few thousand more to Kai Warner's fans.

There must be a formula for his success. When questioned, Kai Warner stated: "Actually no! I play party music the way I like it." Maybe this is not the right way to ask him because he is far too modest to talk about his great success.

What are the thoughts of this man, who studied music in America, when working on a Go-In-record?
"All I want is to re-arrange top hits so that people can enjoy both dancing and listening to them. To do this fast, I work around the clock. The style and rhythm of the songs have to match, I must create a popular party record."

But in addition "Go-In" is one of the very few party records one likes to listen to for no special reason at all - just for the pleasure of listening. He, who gets the opportunity to watch Kai Warner at work, knows that he is a full-blooded musician. From the first stroke of the pen to the final delivery of the tape everything happens under his supervision. That means long hours of hard work, little sleep and no private life.

28 titles must be selected, re-arranged ("That's most of the work!"), rehearsed, taped, mixed and cut. However, you can see and hear his enjoyment in it. Kai Warner's comment: "Music is my hobby."