Visual Discography

This is a visual view of the Referential Discography. If you want to see this page WITH the names of the records, go to the Visual Discography.

Mini Covers

Palmares des Chansons Palmares des Chansons 2 Palmares des Chansons 3 Palmares des Chansons 4 Raymond Lefevre 5 Raymond Lefevre No.6 Raymond Lefevre No.6 Joyeux Noels
Raymond Lefevre No.9 Raymond Lefevre No.10 Musique de Films Raymond Lefevre No.12 Concerto pour une Voix Raymond Lefevre No.13 Soul Symphonies Raymond Lefevre No.14
Raymond Lefevre No.15 Raymond Lefevre No.16 Live in Japan 1972 Festival de San Remo 1973 Soul Symphonies No.2 Raymond Lefevre No.17 Raymond Lefevre No.18 Raymond Lefevre No.19
Live in Japan 1974 Raymond Lefevre No.20 Raymond Lefevre No.21 French Love in Hi-Fi Les Plus Grands Succes 76 Rock and Rhythm in Hi-Fi Love in Stereo No.1 Live in Japan 1977
Festival des Meilleurs Musiques des Films Soul Symphonies No.3 Holiday Symphonies Live in Japan 1978 Tomorrow's Symphonies du Futur Concerto Suite Latine Demonstration
Operamania Digital Parade Lefevre Meets Chiharu Les Plus Grands Succes de Julio Iglesias Live in Japan 1984 Plays Chinese Songs Back to Bach The Music of the Night
Mull of Kintyre Canzone Sous le Ciel de Paris Plein Soleil Autumnal Player Japon Mon Amour Lacrima Cristi De Temps en Temps
A Mon Pere