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This is a partial transcript from the videos posted at Tele Melody Blog. It was transcribed and translated by .... from French.

Part 1 - Meeting with Guy Lux?

I’ve met him once, when I was composing the credits for Intervilles [a popular French TV show] and when I was hired for a TV show test in which he was replacing another TV animator. He knew me too by reputation, and he was advised to contact me for another show "Le Palmarès des Chansons". From 13h00 to 19h00 and we had 11 songs orchestration to prepare for 11 singers, after what we were getting a drink and then at 20h30 I was waiting for the speaker announce.

How it was going with Guy Lux? We know he was a bit irascible...

Well first of all, he was a true music lover...


Melody Star

So there was some respect between you two?

Yes, and he appreciate a well done job. Without any claim, that was what I was trying to do, doing some good work and he could feel it. He couldn’t stand a botch job. Well sometimes he was arguing with the director or with someone working on the stage, but the musicians there’s never been any kind of problem, sometimes he would even join us on the orchestra. One day, I remember, my first violin was sleeping during the show and he came to him asking a question and awoke him… During live show it wasn't the best thing to do.

Did he say something to him after the show?

No, no, we were all laughing.

Part II: Guy Lux: colleague and friend

So well on the TV stage he was always a bit excited and could not stand a lot of things but in life or either on the TV stage I never had any problem with him.

Did you have some serious chats with him, men’s talks? Not about the job and more about him?

Sometimes yes, when he came to visit me in my house but I can’t remember what we were talking about at that time, but we were close anyway.