4 May 1975 - Mireille Mathieu

Ring Parade was another program conducted by Guy Lux, this time with conduction and arrangement of Raymond Lefevre (was not always the case). Guests in this transmission were: Regine, The Rubettes, Dave, David Essex, Nicole Croisille, Mireille Mathieu and a hommage to Mike Brant.


Release Information:
Orchestra Conductor: Raymond Lefevre.
Paris, May 4, 1975. Rebroadcasted by TV Melody.
Running Time:  30 minutes.


Track Listing:

01 - Opening Credits
02 - Régine - Le Soleil De L'Italie
03 - Mike Brant - Dis-Lui (hommage quelques jours après sa mort)
04 - The Rubettes - Juke Box Jive.
05 - Dave - Mon Coeur Est Malade.
06 - Nicole Croisille - Une femme Avec Toi.
07 - David Essex - Good Ol' Rock & Roll.
08 - Régine - La Guimauve.
09 - Mireille Mathieu - On Ne Vit Jamais Sans se Dire Adieu.


Ring Parade
Ring Parade - Regine


Ring Parade - The Host of the show: Guy Lux

The Host of the show: Guy Lux

Ring Parade - Hommage to Mike Brant

Hommage to Mike Brant

Ring Parade - The Rubettes

The Rubettes
Ring Parade - Dave

Ring Parade - Nicole Croisille

Nicole Croisille

Ring Parade - David Essex

David Essex
Ring Parade - Mireille Mathieu

Mireille Mathieu