Comments from Chih Chien Hsieh

In 1971 when I was5 years old, I listened for the first time to Paul Mauriat's "El Condor Pasa" on the radio. This track was very popular in Taiwan, you can listened it all the time and everywhere. After that year, there was nobody who didn't know what was the Paul Mauriat Grand Orchestra.

Paul Mauriat first time visited Taiwan in 1983. At that time I was just a high school student so it was my first time listening him in a live concert in my life at Chunghwa sports & Culture Taipei Taiwan. There were over 12,000 people in the audience, the whole concert hall listening the Paul Mauriat Grand Orchestra. When the concert finished after playing "El Bimbo" I never forgot that Paul Mauriat said "Taiwanese is the best audience in the world". I can see Paul Mauriat's eyes full the tears. Unfortunately on that year's concert Paul Mauriat didn't played "Descendant Of The Dragon" because the composer of this song, Hou Dejian, defected to China. Our government forbid to play it. Finally, in 1985 Paul Mauriat visited Taiwan again, this time I listened "Descendant Of The Dragon" in concert. Everybody was so happy because it was the first time that an international famous orchestra performed this Taiwanese popular song. Of course the audience gave to Paul many, many applauses. Next year (1986) Paul Mauriat thanked Taiwanese fans for their enthusiasm so he wrote "Song for Taipei" (Thinking of you). The same year, Paul Mauriat played it in concert too but that year was the last time he visited Taiwan.

Ticket form Paul Mauriat Grand Orchestra concert at Taiwan

What do you think about "El Bimbo"? Every time when this music starts to play, as you know, it means the concert is ending. I think it's a little bit sad because is his way to say goodbye, I don't feel so happy although the music is lively. But I like this music. Very nice arrangement!


Chih Chien Hsieh from New Taipei City, Taiwan

Chih Chien Hsieh, a big fan of Paul Mauriat and instrumental music