Biography of Paul Mauriat

by José PeƱaloza

Born on March 4th of 1925 in Marseille (France), home of many great musicians that accompanied him for several years. The pianist Jean Bernard, friend and collaborator since his childhood until his last concert in Japan in the "Farewell Concert" (Sayonara Concert).


Other musicians, also from Marseille, that took part of his orchestra for several years are Gerard Gambus (pianist, composer, arranger and producer), Gilles Gambus (pianist, composer, arranger and Orchestra conductor), Gilbert Gambus (percusionist) and his collaborators (at some point) André Borly (pianist) and Christian Gaubert (Orchestra conductor and arranger).


Great friend of the other Great Conductors such as FRANCK POURCEL who influenced much of Paul's musical career and with whom had a closed relationship as a friend and as a professional; and of RAYMOND LEFEVRE with whhom he shared his friendship, work, arrangements, compositions and worldwide hits.


The magical start in PAUL MAURIAT's career was at four years old when he began his first steps in the study of piano. A hint of his great future when at his 14 years, he finished his piano studies at the Conservatoire achieving the first place and at 17, he started his own orchestra.


This, of course, was the start of a promising musical career, a future that PAUL was shaping based on effort, work, perseverance, and of course, contributing with everything his great talent allowed him.


It is fair to say that PAUL MAURIAT is the musician that has made the larger quantity of musical arrangements and has accompanied with his orchestra to several French and foreign singers, worldwide famous singers that have sold millions and millions of hits and other singers well-known in Europe, and of course, in France.


Let's not forget to mention two of his compositions that have become hits all over the world, such as the song "Chariot" ("I will follow him") and the other hit being "Mon Credo", performed by the famous French singer Mireille Mathieu, that launched her successful career as a singer in Europe and all over the world.


Mireille Mathieu


For Le Grand Orchestre there has been released the larger quantity of titles and volumes (in all over the world) of light orchestra recordings in its different formats (LP, CD, Laser Disc, VHS, DVD) and at the end of his career there were sold more than 60 millions of copies and more than two millions of people have attended to see him in more than 1,200 concerts offered in several countries of Asia, United States, Latin America and Europe.




At 75 years, PAUL MAURIAT decided to leave the conduction of his orchestra to one of his musicians that accompanied him for 25 years (Gilles Gambus).


Many might wonder what prompted him to take this decision, and as he expressed in an interview, he had an incurable disease. This disease was his perfectionism and he has no longer in optimum conditions to continue delivering his talent in the same way that he did in those forty years of recordings and presentations.


During forty years of professional activities, with tireless energy and creativity, he brought us the best of his compositions, his arrangements and musical talent; almost innovating, open to all musical styles and influences, endlessly creative, unique, unexpected and with his own unmistakable and magical style.


Magical in his style and legacy that always keeps us amazed of what the Maestro released in all of his years of professional life. Here goes our tribute, hoping to gather many fans from all over the world.