About this Website and Collaborators

Our circle of friends consists of basically three people: José Peñaloza (Pepe), Julio Portella and me, Fernando Higa, all Peruvians and living in Lima city.

We have been meeting for some time, sharing our passion for this musical style and over all for the French orchestral arrangements (and conductors), such as Paul Mauriat, Franck Pourcel, Raymond Lefevre and Caravelli. There are other great conductors and arrangers but these are those that we like the most.

By means of several trades and contacts with fans from other countries we have increased our collection. Pepe has his own website for some time. On my part, I have created several websites with sections about soundtracks, some rock bands and finally, a section on videos of orchestral music, particularly of  Paul Mauriat.

But besides that, this project was pending to harmonize all of our ideas. And that is why, a few weeks later, in another meeting we decided to start this project.

We hope to add more and more information, not only of Paul Mauriat, but the other Three Greats of the French Orchestral Music, and later, expand to more conductors. Of course, that would depend on the response of the fans, so we would like to hear from you, so contact us!.

Along the way we had help from great fans of the grand orchestras, and we would like to thank:


  • Hsieh Chih-Chien
  • Dmitry Zhoukov
  • B77W
  • Um Ki Baik
  • Koichi Matshui