Comments from Lenimar Nunes de Andrade

The first recordings that I heard from the Paul Mauriat Grand Orchestra were "Aquarius", "El Condor Pasa", "Je t'aime moi non plus" and "Someday, Somewhere". There was a neighbor who has a recording launched in Brazil entitled "A Arte de Paul Mauriat" and he usually played those melodies. Those were the first ones that I heard from Paul Mauriat.

Later on, in 1980, I bought my first LPs which were "Exclusivamente Brasil vol. 3" and "Grande Orquestra de Paul Mauriat vol. 19" and the songs that brought my attention were "Le Premier Pas" and "Alia Souza". So I bought several LPs from PM each year and by 1987, I already have 15 LPs. That number wouldn't increase until 2002.

By the early 2002, I was starting to convert my LPs into CDs and in mp3 format. I had a homepage and there I mentioned that I was a fan of Paul Mauriat and made several comments about "Potemkine" from 1966, which was the first recording launched in Brazil. Through my homepage a fan from Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) made contact with me because he wanted to buy the LP that contained "Potemkine". At that time I told him that I wouldn't sell him the LP, but I offered to send him the LP if he sent me CD copies of his LPs from 1968. Right away, he surprised me by sending not only the LPs from 1968, but also other Brazilian LPs that I didn't have.

And so, we kept in contact by email for several weeks. It was on one of those occasions that we discovered a fan from Formosa (Taiwan) that had a very complete site of Paul Mauriat. This site mentioned several records from all over the world and had many recordings that were never released in Brazil. We kept in touch with this fan from Taiwan and he showed us his gigantic collection, with more than 1000 Paul Mauriat recordings. Besides Paul Mauriat recordings, he also had the original songs in several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and other oriental languages that I don't even know which ones they are.

Today, although I already have all the recordings, I am buying all the releases from the British-Austrian label Vocalion. I wait with eagerness those CDs that are being released nowadays.


Patu (Rio Grande do Norte), Brazil

Lenimar and part of his record collection