Love is Blue

by José Peñaloza

Sayonara Concert


It was one year, one song, his arrangements and a performance at the precise moment so that PAUL MAURIAT started his astonishing career of hits, sales, concerts, live presentations and, of course, millions of faithful followers all over the world.


We are not exaggerating when we day that the whole world knows "L'amour est bleu", "Love is blue" or "El amor es triste" that turned round the world and millions of lovers of good music choose it as one their favorite songs and also the beginning of a the great movement of faithful "fans" in the UNMISTAKENLY STYLE OF PAUL MAURIAT.


The magic of "L'amour est blue", the magic MAURIAT style, theme best known for the arrangements of Paul than with the success obtained at Eurovision Festival.


A great Maestro as an arranger, with more than 140 themes, orchestra conductor and performer of contemporary light music or instrumental music.