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Paul Mauriat Visit to Lima - 1981

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Caption near the photo:
= Paul Mauriat and his grand orchestra has 22 years enchanting with his music and songs such as "Love is Blue", that in spite of the time passed, it is still has not lost its relevance =

When in 1967, at the Eurovision Festival, the song "Love is Blue" (L'amour est bleu) obtained the second place in that Song Festival, nobody would imagine that thanks to the excellent arrangements of Paul Mauriat and the performance of his grand orchestra, it will reach a complete success all over the world.

That was his first step of a long and successful international career; in 1988 he celebrates twenty years recording for Phonogram of Paris; more than 80 records and cassettes with recordings of international hits and original music; many compilations in records and cassettes, and one of the artists for which there is the largest amount of compact discs (CD). Paul Mauriat has recorded in studios of France, Japan, United States and Brazil, also with recordings in video and laser video.

All of this shows that Paul Mauriat is still active in the world of light music; enough proof of quality, versatility and his genius to achieve the precise touch to his countless arrangements and original compositions.

He has received several Golden and Platinum Records in several countries of Europe, Asia and America; the concerts he performs with his grand orchestra with a full audience and he has accustomed to his audience to enjoy in each tour of every year with new arrangements of the songs that made him popular; in our country it still ranks a preferential place with 55 LPs and four double albums released from 1967 to 1988.

The followers of Paul Mauriat and his grand orchestra we are waiting to keep counting for several more years with his new recordings and excellent compilations; waiting to keep on enjoying of the unique musical style that he prints into his music. It is really exciting when he employs the full exuberance of the instruments; instead of leaving the string instruments take control all the time, Mauriat uses them as if they were a canvas in which he paints with appealing and brilliants colors with his piano, harpsichord, synthesizers, guitars, brass, wood instruments and rhythms.

Good for you, Maestro Paul Mauriat!


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