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Paul Mauriat Visit to Lima - 1981

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In a promotional visit

Arrived to Lima Paul Mauriat french musical conductor

    For the outstanding French musical conductor, Paul Mauriat, the two more important moments in his life were being together for 29 years to Irene,
his partner of "all of his life" as he defines it and the recording of the song "Love is Blue", that marked the beginning of his artistic career.

    In an informal meeting held yesterday in the studios of Channel 4, with the specialized journalists, while recording the presentation of the "special" that edited in December of last year in Tokyo, Japan, Mauriat pointed out that for him, Frank Pourcel is a "simple person, one of my first friends, because, he was born in Marseille, same as me and with much talent, inclined to the romantic field."

    As for the absence of new artistic names since 1965, expressed that "is a complicated thing, because we suffer the influence of the American music
and this phenomenon, obviously does not allow a style on its own for the French music and as consequence, it is exported less each time. But he
added, in short time, it will reach an unexpected rise.

    In this visit, the first time that he makes to Peru, Paul Mauriat, came to capture a bit of the Peruvian music, and also to promote his next show that will be performed in May of '82, hired specially and in exclusive for the International Direction of the Promoter "Chomin's", where he will arrive in front of his orchestra of 45 musicians.

    In another question, Paul Mauriat said that the reason because his orchestra is composed by musicians of different nationalities, is because the "French are very homey". In another moment of the interview, he said that he has in mind the recording of another LP in which he will include Peruvian songs, and he showed surprise when he was told that the song "El Condor Pasa" that he played so many times, was of Peruvian origin.