Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat:

Instrument Musicians
Conductor Paul Mauriat
Violins Jack Rothstein (Concert Master)
Christophe Guiot
Paul Toscano

Violas Paul Toscano (solo in 'Gipsy')

Violoncellos No information at this moment

Trumpets Eric Giausserand
Antoine Russo
Patrik Artero
Bernard Marchais

Trombones Jean-Louis Damant
Denis Leloup
Guy Arbion

French Horn Jean-Jacques Justafre
Gilles Mahaud
Francois Cagnon
Percussion Marc Chantereau

Drums Claude Salmieri

Guitars Jean-Claude Chavanat
Raymond Gimenes

Bass Philippe Chayeb

Keyboards Gilles Gambus

Piano and Organ Bernard Arcadio (in Tennessee'')
Gilles Gambus

Choir Les Petits Ecolier Chantants de Bondy (solo in 'Cri d'amour')

Accordion Myrian Lafar (solo in 'A French man in Dublin')

Number of Musicians 22 plus String section and Choir