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DVD - 30th Anniversary Concert

This is a live performance of Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra for the 30th Anniversary. Available in VHS and DVD format. Available from CD Japan at: Paul Mauriat 30th Anniversary Concert.

Paul Mauriat - 30th Anniversary Concert

Release Information:

Recorded live on stage at the Hitomi Kinen Kodo, Tokyo, February 1996
Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val Productions
Release: Pony Canyon PVCP-52 007 - VHS Japanese edition, there is also a Brazilian DVD among other releases
Audio: 2.0 DD, 5.1 DD
Running Time: 55:32 minutes.

Track Listing:

  1. Building the Groove (Paul Mauriat)
  2. Nocturne (Paul Mauriat)
  3. Angelic Demon (Paul Mauriat)
  4. Toccata (Paul Mauriat)
  5. Yah Yah Yah (R. Aska)
  6. Manha do Carnaval (A. Maria / Luis Bonfa)
  7. Sabre Dance (Khachaturian)
  8. Autumn Ballad (Paul Mauriat)
  9. Gipsy (Paul Mauriat)
  10. Penelope (Augusto Alguero)
  11. Love is Blue (Andre Popp / P. Cour)
  12. El Bimbo (Claude Morgan)
  13. Bows (Paul Mauriat)
  14. Hungarian Dance (Brahms / Arranged by Paul Mauriat)

Notes The DVD release has two Extras: Discography and Biography. Not very extensive, about 2 pages each.

Paul Mauriat - 30th Anniversary