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DVD - Best of France

This is not a live performance but videos of sceneries around France with  Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra  arrangements in the background. The last video shows footage of Mauriat. This release also appears in different formats and from different sellers. There are Japanese, American, Taiwanese and other releases..

Paul Mauriat - Best of France

Release Information:

Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val productions.
Release: 1988 Val Productions
Running Time: 48 minutes.

Track Listing:
- All Life Long Introduction

  1. Sous le ciel de Paris (J. Drejac / H. Giraud)
  2. Ne me quitte pas (If you go away) (J. Drejac / H. Giraud)
  3. Comme d'habitude (My way) (G. Thibault & C. Francois / J. Revaux & C. Francois)
  4. Fascination (F. D. Marchehetti)
  5. Et Maintenant (What now my love) (P. Delanöe / G. Bëcaud)
  6. La Vie en Rose (E. Piaf / Louiguy)
  7. Cerisiers roses et pommiers blancs (J. Laruel / Louiguy)
  8. Parlez-moi d'amour (J. Lenoir)
  9. Tout les visages de l'amour (She) (Charles Aznavour)
  10. Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) (Jacques Prevert / Joseph Kosma)
  11. La Mer (Charles Trenet)
  12. Love is Blue (Andre Popp / Pierre Cour)
  13. Vox Paradise (Paul Mauriat)
    End Credits
  14. Nagekidori (The Bird of Wounds) (Paul Mauriat)

These are  Scenic Footage Videos, where the arrangements of Paul Mauriat are played against some scenery around France. There are claps between the videos so probably the source is from a live performance.
Track 14 - Nagekidori - Mauriat arrives in his car to a river and he drops and watches a little boy fishing and a little girl watching in the same boat, then Mauriat walks in the woods and a boy and a girl walking in the road, caressing a bird, playing. Mauriat enters the mansion and the boy and the girl are watching the swans.

Paul Mauriat - Best of France


Produced by Valentin Coupeau for Val Productions
Cameraman - Ryuzo Akiyama
Editing Director - Masa Yamamoto
Coordination - Mack Imamura
Special Thanks to Mike Nakamura at Kyodo Promotion
1988 Val Productions