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Labyrinth Laser Disc / VHS

Takao Kisugi singing and plays the piano with Mauriat conducting the orchestra. This is a taping that looks like in a studio, with some takes of Scenic Footage Videos. Released in Japan in VHS and Laser Disc format, there are some DVD conversions but not official ones. The below cover was taken from the amazing Peter Wang's site on Paul Mauriat.


~ Thanks to the help of my friend José Peñaloza for supplying the information.

Labyrinth VHS Takao Kisugi

Release Information:
1985 Kitty Music Corporation
Video Vision Corporation, LOB Inc.
SM058-0043, Laser Disc

Track Listing:

  1. Silent Night
  2. Encounter (scenic footage)
  3. Tomorrow Wind (scenic footage)
  4. The Lip of Star
  5. Day Break (scenic footage)
  6. Rendez-vous
  7. White Labyrinth
  8. Second Love
  9. Etude of Goodbye (scenic footage)
  10. Silhouette Romance
  11. Goodbye Day (scenic footage)

- Scenic Footage - These are shots of landscapes at different locations with Kisugi singing in the background.

Artist Management:

- Kaoru Nakano (Kitty Artist)
- Valentin Coupeau (Stage Manager)
- Mike Nakamura (Kyodo Tokyo)
- Summy Sammi (Kyodo Tokyo)
Technical Director:
- Masao Shimizu - Teletech
- Teikichi Tanaka - Teletech
- Video Engineer - Hirotaka Fukuda (Express)
- VTR - Shuji Satoh (Teletech)
- ENG - Euro Video
- Sound Track Producer - Paul Mauriat
Recording Director:
- Kazuyasu Homma - Kitty Music
- Hitoshi Ishitani - Kitty Music
- Susumu Ohno - KBS
- Takashi Shimizu - KBS
Production Manager:
- Kazuo Munakata - Kitty Music

Special Thanks to Kyodo Tokyo / Kyodo Osaka