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Scenic Video - Palau and Majuro - Last Paradise

This is a  Scenic Video with Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra  arrangements in the background but with video footage from natural locations Palau and Majuro.
Available in Laser Disc format.


~ Thanks to the help of my friend  Chih-Chien Hsieh  for helping identifying the track names.

Paul Mauria - Palau and Majuro Scenic Video

Release Information:

Laser Disc printed and manufactured in Japan, coded as 68C59-6141
Digital Audio, STEREO, CAV, CX noise reduction, single disc, NTSC format
Running Time:  30 minutes.

Track Listing:

  1. Chance for Heaven
  2. Like a Virgin
  3. Any Day Now
  4. Sun River
  5. Flashdance (What a Feeling)
  6. Alla Figaro
  7. Goodbye Lonely Love
  8. One on One
  9. Paradise