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TV - Cenando con Cattone 1981

This was a Peruvian TV Show hosted by Argentinian Oswaldo Cattone, actor and theatral director that was very succesful in Peru and owned his own theatre. In this episode, the main guest is by far, Paul Mauriat. He was very delighted and replied patiently all the questions.


~ Thanks to the help of my friend José Peñaloza  for supplying this information.


Cenando con Cattone

Program Information:
Host: Oswaldo Cattone
- Paul Mauriat - Orchestra conductor, arranger and composer
- Patricia Wieland - Interpreter (for Paul Mauriat into spanish)
- Menesio Rodriguez - Manager in Lima of the Press News Agency EFE
- Felipe Carbonell - President of Carbonell Transport
Broadcast: Canal 4, América (Peru), 1981
Running Time: Aprox. 42 minutes


Following is a transcription of the show. Mauriat seems to understand when people speak to him in Spanish (not so fast), but he always replies in French. The interpreter translates his replies into Spanish and from this source, I am translating it here what they were talking about. These are not exact quotes, and due to the translation or maybe misunderstanding (even my transcription) there might be some mistakes, but hope it helps.

For a transcript of the comments check the   = Interview =

Transcription of the Show:


- Opening Credits
- The host of the show, introduces each guest
- Chit-chat to Mauriat (8 minutes)

Mauriat talking to Cattone and other guests

- Mauriat was arriving from Bogota. His visit to Peru was to promote a video of an Special that he made in Japan, Tokyo, last year. He also was visiting Latin America to learn more about its culture, and of course, its music. He was planning to return next year, with all his orchestra.
- Dinner Table - Section 1
- Conversation (while eating) to Mauriat (13 minutes)

Dining and talking

1- To answer to the host and some guests, he said that these days French singers and composers are too influenced by the American music and they were confused and he was hoping that soon a new French chanson will emerge.
2- That there was a time when the French songs were known all over the world, but now is not that way. Mauriat agreed.
3- Also, that there are French songs that most people think that they are American songs, taking as an example "My Way", which in fact is a French song called "Comme d'Habitude".
4- How hard it is to understand songs in different languages, but with orchestral arrangements (instrumentals) they have more success. Mauriat says for example we see a painter sing or hum a song but not reciting a poem!
5- That is why Jacques Prevert is more famous with his "sung songs" that with his poems alone. Mauriat replies that Prevert had an extraordinary success in France.
6- "Elle Arrive Aujourd'hui" had the first prize at Festival de Palma de Mallorca, composed by Mauriat. He says that it was sung by an haitian singer
7- Mauriat also composed for international singers such as Caterina Valente, Mireille Mathieu among others... Mauriat that Mathieu was his "idol", and that "Mon Credo" was her first big success.
8- Does he enjoys more being an orchestra conductor, an arranger or a composer?
He says that he prefers the arrangements. Making an arrangement is like what the tailor does, creating a special suit.
- Commercials
- Dinner Table - Section 2
- Conversation to the other guests (about 17 minutes)

Mauriat at Cattone Show

1- Cattone asks to the interpreter about her job, her visit to Moscow
2- Cattone asks to Rodriguez about the reporting job
3- Cattone asks to Carbonell about his live show that will go for charity
4- As a last question to Mauriat, Cattone ask him if he had the chance to get to know more of the Peruvian Music in his brief stay (two days). Mauriat says that he visited a Peruvian-kind of pub (peña) where he listened music very different to what he expected, with cajón (a box), negro rhythms, that are more rhytmic that he thought the music of Peru was.
- Farewell to each guest and end of the show (about 5 minutes)