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TV - Live in Japan 1980 - Japanese Broadcast

I have listed two other broadcasts of the same program (Peruvian and Korean broadcasts) but this is the Japanese broadcast that includes a brief scenes of Mauriat approaching the theatre hall, signing autographs and talking relaxed with singers and musicians. After that, it starts the same program as the other entry but with the name of each track in Japanese.

~ Thanks to the help of my friend   Hsieh Chih-Chien   for supplying this information.

Paul Mauriat in Japan 1980


Release Information:
Concert in Japan, probably of December 1980.


Paul Mauriat in Japan 1980

Track Listing:

  1. Paul MauriatIntroduction
  2. Let there be music
  3. Toccata
  4. Pulstar
  5. Elie Upa
  6. Romantic Laser
  7. Lara's Theme
  8. A Man and a Woman
  9. Autumn Leaves
  10. My Way
  11. Sabre Dance
  12. Pobre Diablo
    Potpurri Brazilian Songs:
  13. Oracao de Mae Meninnha
  14. É preciso muito amor
  15. Hora Staccato
  16. Love is Blue
  17. El Bimbo / Bows

Paul Mauriat in Japan 1980