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TV - Live in Japan 1980 - NHK Hall - Love Sounds

Live concert in Japan, broadcasted by NHK TV Channel. Features Yuki Saori singing two songs.

~ Thanks to the help of my friend   Hsieh Chih-Chien   for supplying this information.

Paul Mauriat in Japan 1980 - Love Sounds


Release Information:
Concert in Japan, probably of December 1980, NHK Hall.
Yuki Saori - Singer
Jean Bernard - Piano.


Paul Mauriat in Japan 1980 - Love Sounds

Track Listing:

  1. Let there be Music
  2. Toccata
  3. Elie Upa
    French Hits Medley:
  4. Lara's Theme
  5. A Man and a Woman
  6. Autumn Leaves
  7. My Way
  8. Love is Blue
  9. Pobre Diablo (Yuki Saori singing)
  10. Concerto pour Deux Voix (Yuki Saori singing)
    Paul Mauriat Hits Medley:
  11. El Condor Pasa
  12. Io che non vivo (Jean Bernard - piano)
  13. Minuetto
  14. Mamy Blue
  15. Nocturne
  16. Penelope
  17. Minuetto
  18. Godfather's Theme
  19. El Bimbo
  20. Hungarian Dance

Short images of Paul Mauriat and his wife, taking a walk

Yuki Saori in Japan 1980 - Love Sounds

Paul Mauriat and his Grand Orchestra in Japan 1980