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TV - Paul Mauriat en Lima 1981

This was a Peruvian TV Special created for the rare opportunity of having the visit of Paul Mauriat in Peru. This was an Interview and at the end, Mauriat played three songs on the piano.


~ Thanks to the help of my friend José Peñaloza  for supplying this information.


Paul Mauriat in Lima

Host: "Speedy Gonzales"
- Paul Mauriat - Orchestra conductor, arranger and composer
- Patricia Wieland - Interpreter (for Paul Mauriat into spanish)
Broadcast: Canal 4, América (Peru), 1981
Director: Luis Carrizales Stoll
Running Time: Aprox. 22 minutes


Transcription of the Show:


Opening Credits
Paul Mauriat in Lima

Interview (for a transcript of the interview go to Interview in Lima)


Paul Mauriat performs Nube Gris, Toccata and Nocturne.