Comments from Julio Portella

A commonplace in the conversations with our friends, fans of the unparalleled style of  Paul Mauriat, is the timeless of his presence in our lives. Because it seems that we have heard and enjoy his music all of our life, in the different moments of the personal story of each one: at school, at college, with the family and - of course - in the several moments devoted only to the music.

Regarding that point, another commonplace is that most time the musical meeting point with Paul's art is "Love is Blue", theme with which he goes beyond Europe and reaches our lands. That moment has been - without a doubt - one of the turning point in our lives, given the importance we give to the music as the main motif to take part of this initiative, that tries, above all, to contribute to transcend the legacy of Paul Mauriat among his Spanish-speaking admirers, that amounts for many generations, because they are also of the enjoyment of several young people that didn't born when that melody flooded of blue the music.

Although since a child I have listened immensely of Percy Faith, Andre Kostelanetz and other great conductors, I always remember the visit to our home of the salesman from the local record store (yes, the early delivery system, which later will became popular with food chains), showing to my father the "Album No. 5" from Paul Mauriat, that had as a main song "L'amour est Bleu". With only one listen, it became our favorite until today, 43 years later...

Lima, Peru

Paul Mauriat