by "POPS" magazine, Japan, No.1, 1970

POPS magazine from Japan, 1970


Nini Rosso and Paul Mauriat conversation in Japan - POPS Magazine 1970

"This is a rough translation, just to give an idea of this article.
Sorry for any mistakes."

Hi, Nice to Meet You

R - Nini Rosso, M - Paul Mauriat

R - Nice to meet you.

M - Nice to meet you. How many times have you've been in Japan so far, I think you know Japan very well...

R - No, not so much. But I've done many concerts, and the Japanese audience is wonderful.

M - Absolutely. Isn't it the best in the world in terms of listening to music well?

R - That's right. They're really enthusiastic.

M - In France, you wouldn't listen to an orchestra at all, we rarely do concerts in France.

R - Yes. It's almost a studio. So I'd like to ask you a little, in your case you're doing something different in the studio and at the concert?

M - Yes. In the case of concerts, I used to attach an amplifier to the violin.

R - Well, why is that?

M - Yeah, I have twelve violins, but the rhythm section is louder, so I'm sure I'll lose the strings. That's why I'm taking this method. Of course not when recording.

R - I see. But then, the violin-specific tone doesn't come out well, doesn't it?

M - But I think this is the best considering the overall balance. By the way, I know that your trumpet is wonderful, but your singing is also wonderful.

R - No, it's embarrassing (laughs).

M - Which is my main job, singing or playing the trumpet? (laughs).

R - Of course it's the trumpet. I sing a little bit, wherever I want to convey it in words.

M - Yes, it's hard to do, it's hard to do.

R - When I met you, I have a beard, and you also had a beard...

M - Your beard is a common one in the "Ghor"* region. It's a fine French beard.

R - Yours is fine too. I can't think of a Frenchman without a beard, though.

M - Yes. It's a broom of love. But why don't Japanese people get a beard? As far as I know, there is only His Majesty the Emperor.

* This word was translated as "Ghor". Didn't find any region that matches this name though. Might need to correct it later....

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