by "Weekly Heibon Punch" magazine, Japan, December 20, 1971

Weekly Heibon Punch magazine from Japan, December 1971


Paul Mauriat drinking tea at a piano - Weekly Heibon Punch Magazine 1971

It was in 1968 that the hazy sound of "Love is Blue" was popular and attracted fans all over the world. Paul Mauriat, the King of French pop music, became very popular since then. Everybody suddenly was getting lost in his refreshing melody on a light beat without knowing it.

I met Mauriat when he was busy preparing for the performance at the dressing room of the Employees' Pension Hall in Tokyo.


While saying "Excuse me for interrupting", a 46-year-old gentleman welcomed me with his wife, wearing a black silk suit from the rehearsal's costume..

- Are you in Japan for a second time?

Paul:- That's right. It is one year since last time.

- What is your impression of Japanese music fans?

Paul: - Even young people enjoy this music, I am impressed with this fact. Everyone is very friendly...

- But this time, the performance schedule is a bit hard?

Paul: - Yeah, there are 21 concerts in 19 days. But after Kinbe (??) concert is over, I'm looking forward for the four days free [Added by the translator: free].

- Will you go with your wife?

Paul: - Yes, I'm sightseeing around Kyoto and Nara. Because there is no Japanese traditional tours in the metropolis of Tokyo.

Paul Mauriat , 1971

- I heard that you like playing chess...

Paul: - You know me very well. If there is a (chance), we enjoy playing.

- Do you want to play chess? It is very popular in Punch's Editing Room. By the way, what are your hobbies?

Paul: - I love the countryside. I usually live in Paris, so I built two villas in the suburbs of Paris and near the sea to enjoy the clean air. I was born in Marseille, I really like the sea.

- I guess you have many overseas performances for work?

Paul: - I'm out of the country three months in a year.

After this, Mr. Mauriat brilliantly gave a Japanese speech at the performance saying, "Please correct the pronunciation."

Photography / Soichi Endo