The Grand Orchestra of Paul Mauriat

by José Peñaloza

The Grand Orchestra of Paul Mauriat


"Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat " remains current and is well known all over the world. And in the music world, there is no room for any "great orchestra" that is not good.

MAURIAT has managed to impose a musical style of impact for the millions of albums sold worldwide, his successful performances and concerts and for more than forty years of existence in the world of music.

MAURIAT has proven its quality in each of the recordings produced in front of his Grand Orchestra; has become more than self sufficient; MAURIAT success depends on his excellent preparation and the high technical that he demands on his musicians.


Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat


Extremely perfectionist, he knows how to use the means at its disposal, to find an attractive and bright sound, with piano and harpsichord, wind instruments, stringed, wood and rhythms.

The Mauriat sound is really exciting when you he uses the full exuberance of the instruments.

To remain "popular" for several decades (more than forty years), it means having stayed up to date even if the tastes change and Mauriat demonstrated in each of his recordings that infallible instinct to find exactly what he wants.

Although Paul is no longer with us (an absence that many feel it deeply), the legacy of his music stays and remains in time by the thousands and thousands of his "faithful followers" worldwide. It stays with us the fingerprint of an "unmistakable style", MAURIAT style.


Grand Orchestra of Paul Mauriat performing live