Une Vie en Bleu - Book on Paul Mauriat

The only known book on  Paul Mauriat is a real treasure.

The book includes a biography, rare color photographs (some in black and white), a discography, a list of his compositions and a wealth of information.

Paul Mauriat not only comments on his own life and friends, but he also makes references to the various artists he has worked, including Franck Pourcel, Raymond Lefevre, Mireille Matheiu, Charles Aznavour  and  Francis Lai, among others.

Paul Mauriat - Une Vie en Bleu

The Japanese fan club called the  Autobiography, and for good reason. Its author, Serge Elhaik, based his book in a series of lengthy interviews with Paul Mauriat thus gained access not only the stories of Paul, but also to unpublished photographs.

The text is entirely in French, but it's worth having. There is Japanese version with different cover and pictures in black and white.

Paul Mauriat - Une Vie en Bleu

The last section: Annexes contains the following parts:

  • Compositions,
  • The music of film and television,
  • The orchestrations and accompaniments,
  • Vocal Group "Les Satellites",
  • The Production,
  • The Instrumental Records,
  • The Shows