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Paul Mauriat Visit to Lima - 1981

                Material kindly provided by   José Peñaloza


TV Comments

In the seventh program (episode) of "Comiendo con Cattone" (channel 4), the guests in this opportunity were the French musical conductor Andrés Mauriat, who made a visit to Lima preview to the official visit next year in front of his orchestra, Nemesio Rodríguez of the EFE News Agency, Patricia Wieland Conroy, daughter of the Peruvian Ambassador in the Soviet
Union, and Felipe Carbonell, manager of a known international company of transportation.
The program turned out to be one of the most accomplished in the series that Cattone has been presenting to our television. Mauriat was very interested in the Peruvian popular music and said that he will incorporate several titles among the already recorded by him, such as
"El Condor Pasa", "Balseros del Titicaca", etc. of great acceptance.
Enrique Carbonell who has returned from a long journey from overseas, talked about two shows at the Alianza Francesa (French Alliance) in a charity for the Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (National Institute of Cancer).
He also talked about an invitation he made to Mario Moreno "Cantinflas" for a charity show in Lima for the same Institute in October. Patricia Wieland Conroy told several anecdotes and was a collaborator in the responses in Spanish of Mauriat.
Regarding Nemesio Rodríguez, he talked about the spreading of the information, which was also interesting.

Notes from the Translator:

The writer of this small note, "rename" Mauriat as Andrés, and also call Carbonell, "Enrique", although in the beginning he called him rightfully as "Felipe".