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Box set - Biography

This is a 5 DVD Set from Hong Kong.

Boxset DVD Biography

Release Information:
DVD video: NTSC format, MPEG 2, DVD-9
DVD audio: Dolby Digital, Digital DTS Sound
Karaoke DVD Audio:
- 1 - Dolby Digital Stereo (Karaoke)
- 2 - Dolby Digital Stereo (Vocal)
- 3 - Dolby Digital 5.1 (Vocal)
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese and English
Region: Region Free

Track Listing:
For each track listing, check each page information.
1. Farewell Concert (21 tracks) Also known as Sayonara Concert
2. Gold Concert (14 tracks)
3. Classical Elegance (12 tracks)
4. La Melodie d'Amour (11 tracks) Also known as El Bimbo, Paul Mauriat en Scene
5. Best of France (14 tracks)